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Our people are our most powerful asset. We are a diverse team of talented, enthusiastic people who foster a culture of inclusion.

We are looking for candidates with outstanding ability and specialist experience. You will have the hunger and drive to learn new skills and gain lifelong experience as part of a successful and dynamic organisation.

The career opportunities are limitless with Pacific Aluminium. As a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, a global leader in the mining and metals sector, our company operates across six continents in more than 40 countries. Be part of a world of opportunity.

No matter how they may differ, our people share one thing in common. It’s a belief that work is more rewarding when we are accepted and valued for our differences, not judged by them. It’s a belief that regardless of how we look, speak or think, we all have something to contribute and it’s this contribution that makes for a great organisation and fulfilling career. As a passionate equal opportunity employer, Pacific Aluminium encourages applications from people of all backgrounds.

Our people are proud to work for Pacific Aluminium. We are genuinely involved in the communities where we operate. We hire and buy locally, support education, social and health programs and lend a hand where it’s needed to community groups.