Executive Team





Bruce cox - Managing director, Pacific Operations

Bruce is Managing Director of Pacific Operations, overseeing Rio Tinto's bauxite, alumina and aluminium operations in the Pacific region. Bruce has more than 35 years of experience within Rio Tinto and BHP, most recently as managing director of Rio Tinto Diamonds. In this role, Bruce was accountable for the Group’s strategy and business development for diamonds, for oversight of operations at three mines in Australia, Canada and Zimbabwe and for the security, marketing and sales of the diamonds business and its product innovation. During his career Bruce has worked in the steel, platinum, copper, iron ore and diamond commodity sectors and lived in Australia, Zimbabwe, Chile, the United Kingdom and the United States.



Brian oversees the operation of our four smelters in Australia and New Zealand. He has held a number of senior operations roles at Rio Tinto over the past 14 years, including General Manager Operations at Boyne Smelters Limited and New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited (NZAS), Manager Carbon Products at NZAS and Metal Products Manager at Anglesey Aluminium. Brian has also held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Tomago Aluminium in New South Wales.


Stephanie oversees the Pacific Technology Centre which incorporates the Business Improvement, Technical Expertise, IT, Business Systems and Production Systems functions. She commenced her career with Pacific Aluminium in 2011 at Bell Bay Aluminium where she undertook the Potroom and Commercial Manager roles before moving into her current role in 2015. Prior to joining Pacific Aluminium, Stephanie held senior operational and functional roles within the aluminium and power generation industries.


Richard Prest - General Manager, Finance, Pacific Operations

Richard is responsible for the finance, climate change, business analysis, compliance, risk and assurance, legal and procurement functions. He has worked for Rio Tinto for more than 25 years in the aluminium product group. He commenced his career with Rio Tinto at Bell Bay where he spent nearly 14 years working in a variety of operational and project related roles. Following that, Richard has worked in a diverse range of corporate commercial roles, including business analysis and business development in the Middle East and Asia.

Andrew Horvat - general manager, Energy, Pacific Operations

Andrew oversees Pacific Operations' electricity supply arrangements. He has more than 20 years of experience in the mining industry in a variety of site and corporate-based roles spanning aluminium, coal, lead, zinc and iron ore. Prior to his current role, Andrew held roles as Vice President Business Analysis for Rio Tinto Alcan based in Montreal, and General Manager Business Development for Rio Tinto Aluminium based in Brisbane.