Executive Team





Kellie parker - Managing Director, Pacific Operations

Kellie Parker oversees Rio Tinto's bauxite, alumina and aluminium operations in the Pacific region. The business employs more than 6,000 people with a revenue base in excess of US$6 billion. Her Rio Tinto career began in 2001 where she progressed through a number of safety, operational and leadership roles in the Iron Ore business before joining the Rio Tinto Iron Ore Executive team in 2014. Joining the Rio Tinto Aluminium business in August 2018, Kellie was appointed Managing Director of Pacific Operations in January 2019. Kellie is focused on implementing intelligent systems into the Aluminium business, taking advantage of a new wave of advanced data analytics and automation opportunities to better integrate and leverage the whole value chain and strong team of Pacific Operations. Prior to working in the resources industry Kellie worked in the health care industry, both internationally and in Australia. Kellie holds a Bachelor of Science and a Health & Safety Diploma from Curtin University Western Australia.


Richard Prest - General Manager, Finance, Pacific Operations

Richard is responsible for the finance, climate change, business analysis, compliance, risk and assurance, legal and procurement functions. He has worked for Rio Tinto for more than 25 years in the aluminium product group. He commenced his career with Rio Tinto at Bell Bay where he spent nearly 14 years working in a variety of operational and project related roles. Following that, Richard has worked in a diverse range of corporate commercial roles, including business analysis and business development in the Middle East and Asia.

Andrew Horvat, General manager. Energy, Pacific Operations

Andrew oversees Pacific Operations' electricity supply arrangements. He has more than 20 years of experience in the mining industry in a variety of site and corporate roles spanning aluminium, coal, lead, zinc and iron ore. Prior to his current role, Andrew held roles as Vice President Business Analysis for Rio Tinto Alcan, based in Montreal, and General Manager Business Development for Rio Tinto Aluminium, based in Brisbane.